Maze Soldier
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Common name Maze Soldier
Other names MzSoldier, Soldier
Category Human
Average height Variable (Physio code)
Alignment Hostile
Can be tamed? Yes
Body type Soft flesh
Armor class See overview
Strength perk None

A Maze Soldier is a member of the Maze Personnel and an iconic, almost ubiquitous creature in Mazeworld. The tasks of a Maze Soldier are various, but the general idea is that they are the armed forces of Mazeworld (or more specifically, the Game Masters') and are here to defend it from renegades, dangerous monsters, and particularly, contestants.

Soldiers are known for their violent and authoritarian nature, ruling the Mazes with an iron fist and not afraid to demonstrate their power to other inhabitants. Feared and hated, only fellow Maze Personnel members tolerate their presence, and are sometimes challenged by Citizens which they have no qualms attacking if they deem being a threat.
Although such relationships compare not to the old and violent feud they have with youkai, as they are usually the first humans to attack or be attacked by the most active or violent youkai.

The usual tasks of a Soldier include guarding specific rooms, "population control" (killing members of a particular species if their numbers grow too high, as seen in Mission 2), searching for and hunting down creatures deemed to be a threat to Mazeworld, such as active and/or armed youkai, renegade or dangerous inhabitants, strong creatures causing chaos, and particularly and most importantly, contestants. It must be noted that a Soldier usually knows contestants by name, but not by physical appearance. If a Soldier interrogates the contestant, and the latter reveals his/her real name, a Soldier is supposed not to think any further, and attack immediately.

Maze Soldiers are formed and trained in an area revealed in Mission A8, dubbed the Main Barracks, which is essentially a major stronghold composed of select rooms, and guarded by Soldiers of all kinds, all of them carrying personally funded equipment.
Nobody knows, aside from the Game Masters themselves, what is the exact number of Soldiers in service in the Mazes, but a rough estimate mentions that there are somewhere around 3700 soldiers in fourteen Barracks plus the Main Barracks, with the Main Barracks being approximately 4 times larger than a standard one.
It has been estimated that roughly one third of all Soldiers are Death Faction members.

Because the job of Maze Soldier is particularly dangerous, they are paid on a day-to-day basis, depending on their rank and branch. The base pay of a normal Maze Soldier is 150 P$/day. A DF Soldier is paid 200 P$/day. Sergeants are paid twice the base pay, Lieutenants three times, and Captains four times.

Maze Soldiers are declined in several variants and ranks.

Regular forces

They are the most commonly encountered soldiers in the Mazes. Their main differences lie in equipment carried, but they share the same clothing and base weapon. A contestant can easily disguise as one if they wear the same clothing.

Equipment of a regular Maze Soldier:

The different variants include…

Death Faction

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Common name Death Faction Soldier
Other names DF Soldier

The Death Faction is considered the elite of the Maze Soldiers. Considered a separate branch despite doing essentially the same job (but better and faster), they carry their own kind of gear and are seasoned to more situations.

Equipment of a Death Faction Soldier:

The different variants include…

Other data

  • The Sniper (or more rarely, Maze Sniper). They enjoy a special status as they carry, as the name implies, precision rifles only. Despite wearing the uniform of regular Maze Soldiers, they serve in both the regular and Death Faction branches. They are, hierarchy wise, considered to be Privates throughout their entire career, but are paid a fixed salary of 250 P$/day in exchange.

The equipment of a Maze Sniper is as following:

  • There are perverted Maze Soldiers and DF Soldiers which are always of an antagonist gender to the contestant's.
  • The highest rank in the Maze Soldier forces is Colonel. This rank is held by Colonel Thomas Wight.


Specifications of a Maze Soldier…

  • Armor class: Regulated by clothing and armor
  • Strength perk: None
  • HEAD group: Head
  • BODY group: Upper and lower body
  • LIMBS group: 2 arms, 2 legs
  • EXTREMITIES group: 2 prehensile hands, 2 feet
  • WEAK POINTS: Mouth with teeth (facial), 2 eyes (facial)
  • Skeleton type: Human (Human broken limbs rules)
  • Body type: Soft flesh
  • Can be tamed: Yes - By making use of convincing power
  • Can use weapons and firearms: Yes, and will actively use them
  • Are they protected by the law: No
  • Hates: The contestant ; Are searching for the contestant in absolute priority in order to kill him/her. Youkai ; Will attack youkai in priority, alimenting the feud,
  • Is perverted: Yes for Perverted Soldiers only ; if they score a 12 they will rape their target. Impregnation: +20% / Potency: -20%
  • Can be bought in a hiring bureau - 2000 P$ for Maze Soldiers, 2300 P$ for Maze Snipers
  • Other notes: Loyal ; Attached to its job, is difficult to convince to join the contestant as an ally.

Maze Soldiers: The most common type of enemy in Mazeworld, they are among the most dangerous as well, but fighting them is always a rewarding experience as they carry valuable clothing and armor, weapons, ammunition, and a purse of some kind to fill the money pouch.

How hard fighting a Maze Soldier is something highly dependent on what kind of weapon they carry. As their rank increase, their equipment gets better, tend to elaborate better strategies and do their best to stay alive longer. Most notably, they will try taking cover, will shoot in controlled bursts, will try not to stay in the open if their enemy has a firearm or a ranged weapon, and will try shooting limbs to destabilize their enemies.

Famous Maze Soldiers


A contestant can disguise as a Maze Soldier or a DF Soldier if the following conditions are met:

  • Wearing only the clothes of a Maze Soldier or a DF Soldier (body armors tolerated: Stab-proof vest, Types 2, 3, 4 Kevlar vests and Powered Combat Vest, backpack doesn't count)
  • Carrying a weapon of some kind is mandatory - an unarmed Maze Soldier is suspicious

Effects of the disguise:

  • Fellow Maze Soldiers, DF Soldiers (+all variants) become peaceful to the contestant
  • Maze Guards (+all variants) are all peaceful to the contestant
  • All other members of the Maze Personnel become neutral to the contestant (+ applicable perverted variants)
  • All humans that aren't Maze Personnel become afraid of the contestant
  • All youkai turn hostile towards the contestant
  • All other creatures are unaffected.


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