M16A1 blueprint
Level 2
Metal 40
Wood 0
Plastic 30

The M16A1 blueprint is a Level 2 blueprint used to craft the Class 1 weapon Colt M16A1.

This is a rare blueprint, which can only be found at random in the rooms, or bought in a workshop.
As a Level 2 blueprint, it can be bought for 250 P$. It requires a fair amount of resources: 70 units of materials in total.

70 units of materials cost 420 P$ to buy in a workshop. Added to the cost of the blueprint of 250 P$, crafting the M16A1 will cost 670 P$ at most, not counting toolkit value. Compared to the sell value of an M16A1 (900 P$), crafting the weapon is a much cheaper and recommended alternative, saving money on an already cheap weapon.

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